Villia Brushes


High quality Nail Art Brushes that are as easy to use as they are beautiful to look at. Crafted from high quality metals with a beautiful sparkling design on the handle and cap! Features synthetic/kolinsky hairs so it's versatile to be used with various mediums (gel, gel polish, nail polish, acrylic paints, etc). This set will soon become your new go to brushes!

Villia #1 Detailer - Features Kolinsky hairs in a short brush for control in your fine details!

Villia #2 Detailer - Features medium length synthetic hairs that's great as an all round brush. Use it to create lace, swirls, lines and more!

Villia #3 Liner - Features long synthetic hairs that's perfect to create perfectly straight lines with! Great for geometric art or the ever so popular negative space designs!

3 pc Brush Set - Can't decide? Get all 3 and save!

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